Is there such a thing as fat burning foods, or do these foods just supply the body with fewer calories, allowing the body to burn more stored fat, leading to fat reduction? It is probably just a matter of semantics, because the only thing that really matters when trying to reduce body weight is: what are the right foods to eat? So we will stick to the subject of foods that do in fact lead to weight reduction, and discuss how fat burning foods work.

Most long-term weight loss programs will agree on one point; that sugar is your enemy. Before getting into how fat burning foods work, we should examine how excessive amounts of sugar causes long-term issues with weight. When sugar is consumed, insulin is released, allowing those sugars in the form of glucose to be absorbed by the body’s cells. This of course is a necessary process in order for us to survive and function. Without insulin, glucose would not be able to be delivered to the cells and as a result we would have no energy, and our body would be incapable of growth and repair. Insulin is the key ingredient in allowing glucose to be transferred from the bloodstream into the cells. Our cells are enclosed by a membrane that protects them, and oxygen can pass through this membrane quite easily. But larger molecules like glucose need some help, and that’s where insulin comes in. So to allow insulin to do its job properly, our job is to give our bodies the foods that keep insulin from spiking.

However, when we eat foods that cause excessive amounts of sugar to be introduced into the bloodstream, blood sugars increase very rapidly, causing the pancreas to release insulin at a greater rate, and these sugars are pushed into the cells quickly and stored as fat. This is where you get the quick burst of energy, or sugar rush. The negative is that those sugars are going to be pushed into cells as quickly as possible, as insulin is just doing its job to try and bring blood sugars into normal ranges as quickly as it can. So the higher the sugar levels in the blood, the more insulin is released, and the more fat is stored.

So to answer the question: how do fat burning foods work, they are those foods that are low in sugars, so as to keep our insulin levels stable, but that don’t cause our bodies to shut down, as fasting would do. Keeping the metabolic rate high is as key as keeping sugar levels low. In a subsequent article we will go into greater depth about specific fat burning foods that work, but some of the characteristics of these foods are those that are high in fiber or protein. The best fat burning foods moderately increase a person’s sugar levels for a long steady period of time. Soluble fiber prevents rapid changes in blood sugar, therefore suppressing the appetite and relieving you of those cravings to run to the kitchen for chips or ice cream. Protein intake is beneficial, as long it is low in fat, because protein consumes more calories while being digested. This promotes metabolism longer and more effectively. These foods that are high in fiber and protein, when taken in concert with a balanced diet and exercise program, can assist in losing weight through promoting metabolism and curbing hunger pain.

Modern weight loss programs that are based on long-term approaches are not based on will power, but knowledge power. Changing the way you eat, with less emphasis on how much you eat will go much farther in losing fat than obsessively counting calories or fat grams.