Forward Through Food

A consultancy focused on the strategy, planning, and evaluation of food-related projects, organizations, and businesses. Together we create a smarter food system.

Food That Works Where You Work

FOODWORKS creates community through food by partnering with the best local restaurants and bringing them to where you work. With FOODWORKS, you enjoy the flavors of different neighborhoods under one roof—and we all help small businesses thrive. We launched in Chicago in 2018 and have since brought our incubator program to more than a half-dozen cities, with more to come.

Support local business

We partner with small restaurants and women- and minority-owned food businesses who are the heart and culinary soul of their communities. They’re the trendy chef-driven spots, the the up-and-comers with unique menus you can’t wait to try and the neighborhood mainstays you know you can count on.

Foster and feed community

We bring creative food of the highest caliber to our guests in a place where they enjoy coming together. Lunch is never boring. It’s made and served fresh, on the spot, so you’ll be ready to go where you need to go next. And it’s always delicious.